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"Being a bike enthusiast, I've tried numerous seats, but remained doubtful. However, this new one has impressed me. It's painless, comfortable, and my hour-long rides are now easier. My wife wants one too!"

Chris B.

Verified buyer

AirRider Smart Saddle

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 34 Reviews

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Introducing the AirRider Smart Saddle by Winx Wheels, a revolutionary innovation designed to transform your cycling experience.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled comfort in mind, this smart saddle redefines the standards of performance and convenience for cyclists everywhere.

Key Features:

  • Quality: Crafted from premium materials and featuring a sleek, ergonomic design, the AirRider Smart Saddle provides exceptional support and comfort, allowing you to ride longer and farther with ease.
  • Comfort: The advanced air cushioning system adapts to your body's contours, ensuring a customized fit and minimizing pressure points for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.
  • Smart Technology:  But what truly sets the AirRider Smart Saddle apart is its integrated smart technology. Equipped with sensors and connectivity features, this saddle monitors key metrics such as saddle pressure, riding posture, and even environmental conditions. Paired with the accompanying smartphone app, you can access real-time data and insights to optimize your riding experience, prevent discomfort, and improve performance.
Say goodbye to trial and error adjustments and hello to precision riding with the AirRider Smart Saddle. Whether you're a casual cyclist or a seasoned pro, this saddle will revolutionize the way you ride. Experience the future of cycling comfort and performance with the AirRider Smart Saddle from Winx Wheels.

Shipping Policy:

  • We ship to all locations within the United States and internationally.
  • Orders are typically processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.
  • Shipping rates will vary based on the shipping method selected and the destination.
  • Expedited shipping options are available for an additional cost.

We have a 90 day “Love It or Money Back Guarantee” and 12 month warranty that comes with every purchase. We’re incredibly confident you will love how comfortable our pants are. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase!

The AirRider Smart Saddle retains a uniform size of 6.5 inches across and 10.5 inches from front to back, making it compatible with all standard bike saddles.

Delivery Info

Domestic: 3-7 days; International: 7-10 days


Over 91,000 Happy Customers!

Cushion Testimonial - 1
Cushion Testimonial - 2
Cushion Testimonial - 3
Cushion Testimonial - 4

Enjoy Pain-Free and Comfortable Rides with the AirRider Smart Saddle!

A game-changer seat cushion for cyclists looking to eliminate lower back pain, discomfort, and chafing.

It’s a must-have accessory to reduce road shocks and stress on the back and butt.

  • 3D Airbags - to reduce stress on your buttocks and provide shock absorption.
  • Breathable Air Convection - Keeping you cool & dry, reducing sweat and chafe.
  • Anti-Slip Bottom - ensures stability and prevents sliding during riding.
  • Premium Design and Materials - maintains shape and support even on the toughest rides.
  • Waterproof Material - Designed to be durable and withstand all weather conditions.
  • Designed to fit All Bicycles - Road, Ebikes, Mountain bikes and Indoor Stationary bikes.

The #1 Smart Solution to Prevent Pains, Aches, and Discomfort

Traditional bike seats are a nuisance. The more you ride, the more you can feel the numbing of your butt and excruciating pain in your tailbone.

It's enough to leave your "private" parts crying for help when you ride on these hard seats.

The solution appears simple - use a soft seat!

Saddle - Tailbone Pressure
Saddle - Tailbone Pressure

Elevate Your Ride With Our Advanced Air Convection Technology

The AirRider Smart Saddle uses advanced air convection technology to provide a unique “anti-gravity” effect. The airbags are squeezed when you sit on the cushion, and the air flows between them, distributing pressure evenly. This helps to reduce the pressure on more than a third of your body, providing a comfortable and supportive ride.

Moreover, the smart and improved ventilation of the cushion effectively dissipates heat, reduces the feeling of friction, and keeps you cool during longer rides. The smart cushion also reduces road bumps by up to 90% thanks to the integrated shock absorption technology.

Experience Comfort and Stability Like Never Before

The AirRider Smart Saddle is lightweight and easy to maneuver, allowing for a more comfortable and efficient ride. This innovative design prevents you from sliding. Allowing for a safer and more stable ride.

The AirRider Smart Cushion is a cost-effective alternative to expensive gel seats, providing the same level of comfort and support at a more affordable price.

Saddle - Bike 1
Saddle - Bike 1
Saddle Comparison Chart
Saddle Comparison Chart

Your New and Durable Comfy Riding Companion!

  • Ergonomic design with interconnecting airbags offering 30% comfortable compression
  • Elastic, flexible, and smooth to the touch with Lycra Fabric & TPU waterproof materialTPU + Lycra material
  • Comfortable and breathable seat cushion with shallow grooves and gap design for 3D airbags
  • Absorb moisture, moisture wicking, dissipate heat, reduce sultry, shock absorber
  • Easy to use velcro design ensuring firmer grip
  • Great for long rides, touring, mountain bikes, and peloton bikes

No More Friction or Chafe With the Velcro Grip Cushion

 The AirRider Smart Saddle is easily installed in just seconds and is held secure with the velcro strips. This makes the cushion not only easy to use but also provides a firmer grip.

Using A-grade anti-slip material at the bottom takes stability to the next level, ensuring that your ride is safe and free of any sliding. Say goodbye to that feeling of friction and chafe, and hello to more enjoyable rides.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting, this cushion is the perfect choice for those who want to ensure a stable and secure ride.

Saddle Lifestyle - 1
Saddle Lifestyle - 1
Saddle - Guarantee Image
Saddle - Guarantee Image

Made by Experts - Loved by Thousands!

The AirRider Smart Saddle is a game-changing concept of comfort brewed by experts after years of cycling experience. The cushion effectively solves your back and butt pain issues and reduces the chafing for over 33,000+ riders worldwide.

Here is what Alina shared with us.

“The AirRider cushion has completely changed my cycling experience. I use to get nasty pains in my lower body but now, I enjoy longer but most importantly comfortable and pain-free rides. I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their cycling experience.”


Saddle Customer Review Image - 1
Saddle Customer Review Image - 1
WinxWheels 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
WinxWheels 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


Each Purchase is backed by our, “Love It or Money Back Guarantee” guarantee.

I know what you’re probably thinking – “this seems great, but will it actually work as promised? Or is this another gimmick?”.

We get it. You’ve probably been burnt by other products promising the world and failing to deliver.

And here’s why we’re different. Once you receive the product, you have 90 days to use it. If for some reason you don’t love it

Simply email our support team, and we will refund your purchase amount in full. 

That’s how confident we are that our products works.


Can't find question? email us

The package includes a portable pump, allowing you to inflate the saddle at your convenience.

TheAirRider Smart Saddle is equipped with a soft and flexible TPU and Lycra Material padding. Its innovative design includes a breathable spandex fabric that absorbs moisture, disperses heat, minimizes stuffiness, and provides shock absorption.

The AirRider Smart Saddle retains a uniform size of 6.5 inches across and 10.5 inches from front to back, making it compatible with standard bike saddles.

The AirRider Smart Saddle features a breathable design, thanks to its soft and stretchy TPU and Lycra Material padding, which incorporates shallow grooves and 3D airbags gap. The air convection between the airbags allows for decompression and ventilation, preventing fatigue during long rides. Additionally, the spandex fabric helps to reduce sweat, excess heat, and stiffness, by increasing air circulation and keeping the rider's butt cool and dry.

Our saddle does not change its shape, as we use a premium blend of Lycra material that maintains its form. Moreover, we subjected it to rigorous testing using heavy-duty machines, performing over 20,000 cycles, and it remained in its original form.

We conducted tests using an individual weighing over 440lbs / 200kgs, and the saddle functioned flawlessly without any issues.

For optimal comfort during cycling, we suggest using 60% to 80% of the recommended air pressure. If you have a higher body weight, it's recommended to use 60% of the recommended air pressure. Conversely, if you have a lower body weight, it's recommended to use 80% of the recommended air pressure.

Due to the breathable material and metal valve, the saddle cannot be machine washed. Nevertheless, it is entirely hand washable.

Customers are able to cancel their order 4 hours after placing the order for a full refund, no questions asked. Once an order is in our system, it can’t be edited and we can’t usually stop our warehouse from completing the shipping process once it has started. Please email to cancel within the time period.

Introducing our unbeatable 90-Day "Ride with Confidence" Guarantee – designed to ensure your total satisfaction with our gear. If you're not completely thrilled with your purchase, simply let us know within 90 calendar days of receiving your order, and we'll help process a return or exchange. For more details, explore the complete refund policy in our footer menu. Encountering any issues with your order or product? Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at, and we'll get you back on the road to satisfaction in no time!

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and all other major credit cards. Our website is 100% SSL encrypted and we only use trusted payment providers.

Don't miss our Special Limited-Time OfferEnjoy FREE Shipping today on orders over $49.

You can expect your order to be delivered within 7-10 days. You can also explore other shipping options at checkout.

Rest assured, all orders come with a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your eagerly-awaited gear every step of the way. Grab this deal and enjoy the most comfortable rides of your life.

Yes, we offer Free and Fast worldwide shipping. You can expect your order within 7 business days.

After we have shipped your order, an email update will be sent titled "A shipment from order #WW******* is on the way". You will find your tracking number and information inside this email. With the tracking number you can track your order on the tracking page we will give to you.

Yes! We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our products. Should the item arrive damaged or break during usage, we will replace or arrange to have it fixed free of charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Laura B.

Both my husband and I love this AirRider Smart Saddle! It fits over our Peloton bike seat nicely and we find it extremely comfortable! My husband, who wasn't crazy at first about me ordering it, said he now finds it more comfortable than the solid gel seat cover we had initially placed over the Peloton
"hard as rocks" bike seat. That says a lot!

Tyler T.
Just added more suspension to my e- mountain bike!

Riding these mountain trails here in the Santa Monica mountains just got a lot more comfortable with this add on air seat!

Liam Johnson
Very good especially for bmx bikes

I have a bmx bike and you know how the seat is like sitting on a rock so having this its nice for the boys downstairs

Marjorie Granville
Huge difference!

The cushion provides an exceptional comfort and support, the AirRider Smart Saddle is the way to go. It's easy to install, and it will make a huge difference in your rides.

Roger Y.
Warning! For serious cyclist only!

If you're serious about cycling, you owe it to yourself to try the AirRider Smart Saddle. It's a game-changer that will make your rides more enjoyable and comfortable.

AirRider Smart Saddle

AirRider Smart Saddle

Regular price   $69.99 Sale price   $34.99

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