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10 Reasons Why Womens Ultra Shorts Are Your New Go-To For Outdoor Activities

10 Reasons Why Womens Ultra Shorts Are Your New Go-To For Outdoor Activities

Womens Ultra Shorts are not just a fashion statement; they're a versatile and functional choice for any outdoor activity. With their comfort, style, and practicality, they've become a popular option for everything from cycling to casual wear. In this article, we'll explore the top reasons why Womens Ultra Shorts should be your new go-to for all your outdoor adventures.

Key Takeaways

  • Womens Ultra Shorts offer unmatched comfort and flexibility, accommodating various body changes without sacrificing style.
  • They are perfect for a range of activities, from high-intensity workouts to leisurely afternoon strolls.
  • Stylish and practical, Womens Ultra Shorts can be paired with anything from oversized blazers to simple tees, making them a versatile wardrobe staple.
  • Many Womens Ultra Shorts come with added functionalities like UV protection and multiple pockets for convenience.
  • Their durable material and high-quality design ensure that they can withstand the rigors of both adventurous rides and everyday wear.

1. Albion ABR1 Pocket

person wearing blue bike shorts with pockets in outdoor setting

The Albion ABR1 Pocket stands out as a premier choice for adventure riding, offering a blend of comfort, durability, and practicality that is hard to match. These shorts are well-regarded for their exceptional pocket design, which is considered the best among cargo bibs, providing ample storage for essentials during long rides.


  • Pockets: 3
  • UV Protection: UPF 50+
  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Colours: Black, Navy, Olive

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent pocket utility
  • High-quality construction
  • Comfortable fit

Reasons to Avoid

  • Wide leg grippers may appear outdated

The Albion ABR1 Pocket is ideal for those who prioritize endurance and comfort over a race-oriented fit. Its slightly less compressive design ensures comfort on longer or multi-day trips without sacrificing durability. These shorts are not only functional but also offer UV protection, making them a suitable choice for various outdoor conditions.

2. Nalini Aero

The Nalini Aero shorts are distinguished by their high-quality Italian Kinetech fabric, which not only provides +50 UPF sun protection but also features a unique 3D wide pin stripe pattern designed to enhance aerodynamics. These shorts are tailored for comfort and performance, with stretchy bib straps and laser-cut leg grippers that ensure a secure fit without compromising comfort.


  • Sun Protection: +50 UPF
  • Pockets: Yes, a low rear pocket for easy access
  • Sizes Available: M-XXL
  • Color Options: Black

Reasons to Buy

  • The low rear pocket is extremely handy for storing gels or spares during races or fast rides.
  • Bib straps are designed for supreme comfort, providing just the right amount of stretch and support.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Additional stretch around the midriff could enhance comfort for toilet breaks, making it a slight drawback.
The Nalini Aero shorts combine style with functionality, making them a top choice for cyclists who value both performance and comfort.

3. Fabletics On-The-Go Powerhold Ultra HW 6'' Short

woman wearing blue bike shorts hiking in nature

The Fabletics On-The-Go Powerhold Ultra HW 6'' Short is a prime example of innovative designs in workout apparel, specifically tailored for high-intensity activities. Priced at $50, these shorts are acclaimed for their functionality and comfort. Nikki Ogunnaike, a senior digital director at, praises these shorts for their ability to stay in place during rigorous activities, a feature often missing in other brands. Additionally, the inclusion of pockets adds a practical touch, enhancing their utility.

Key Features:

  • Sizes: Ranges from XXS to 4X, accommodating a wide spectrum of body types.
  • Colors: Available in a variety of colors including Dark Pine, Red, Black, and Passion Orange.
  • Materials: Composed of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra, ensuring both durability and flexibility.
The Fabletics On-The-Go Powerhold Ultra HW 6'' Short does not merely serve as workout gear but elevates the user's experience by providing exceptional support and comfort, making it a staple for any fitness enthusiast's wardrobe.

4. Assos Equipe RS S9 Targa

cyclist wearing blue bike shorts riding in nature

The Assos Equipe RS S9 Targa bib shorts are a pinnacle of cycling apparel technology, designed for WorldTour level racing and training. These shorts incorporate premium Assos technology and design, ensuring both style and comfort for riders. The shorts are available in a variety of colors including Dam blue, Katana red, Stone Blue, Cyber Blue, and Black, catering to personal preferences while maintaining a sleek, professional look.


  • Sizes: XS-XLG
  • Colours: Dam blue, Katana red, Stone Blue, Cyber Blue, Black

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium Assos technology and design
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
These bib shorts almost feel like a 'beyond category' product, designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional cyclists and deliver unparalleled performance.

Despite their high functionality, the coloured rear bibstraps are mostly hidden, which might be a minor aesthetic drawback for some users. However, this does not detract from the overall quality and performance of the shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Womens Ultra Shorts versatile for different types of outfits?

Absolutely! Womens Ultra Shorts can be styled in numerous ways, from pairing with an oversized blazer and boots to combining with a simple hoodie and sandals. They are perfect for creating monochromatic looks or even an unexpected fashion statement.

What are the benefits of wearing Women's Ultra Shorts with pockets?

Bike shorts with pockets offer extra storage, allowing you to carry essentials conveniently. This feature is especially useful for adventure riding or when you want to wear a casual top without compromising on functionality.

How do Womens Ultra Shorts adapt to body size changes?

Womens Ultra Shorts are designed to be flexible and accommodating, moving with you through various body changes such as bloating or weight fluctuations, without uncomfortable tightness or digging into your sides.

What makes the Albion ABR1 Pocket shorts ideal for adventure riding?

The Albion ABR1 Pocket shorts are well-regarded for their robust construction and practical design, featuring three pockets and UPF 50+ UV protection, making them a top choice for adventure riding.

What unique features do Nalini Aero shorts offer?

Nalini Aero shorts are known for their low rear pocket that enhances accessibility, along with comfortable bib straps and significant sun protection of +50 UPF, making them a great option for active use.

Why are Fabletics On-The-Go Powerhold Ultra HW 6'' shorts recommended for high-intensity exercise?

These shorts from Fabletics are favored for their non-ride-up design and pocket feature, making them reliable for intense activities like running. They are also available in a variety of colors and made from a blend of Nylon and Lycra for extra comfort.

What are the style benefits of Assos Equipe RS S9 Targa shorts?

Assos Equipe RS S9 Targa shorts are celebrated for their premium technology and stylish design, offering comfort and a fashionable look for all-around riding.

Can Womens Ultra Shorts be worn for both active and casual occasions?

Yes, Womens Ultra Shorts are incredibly versatile for both active pursuits and casual outings. Their comfort and style make them suitable for a range of activities, from exercising to lounging or even casual social gatherings.

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