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Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Knee Pad Benefit - 1
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves
Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves

"I used to ride 20 miles daily but had to quit—bad knee. My doctor recommended a knee sleeve, and I bought one for each knee. Others I've tried were either too small or too tight. The Winx knee sleeve has been a great find. You can make it as tight or comfortable as you need. It does a good job of supporting the knee. " - Allan D.

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  • Size Chart

Not sure about size? Check out our sizing chart.

To ensure you get the right fit, we recommend you check out our size chart. Please note that below measurements 
(thigh) is the thigh circumference in cm.

Size Small - Suitable for 120lbs (55kg) - 165lbs (75kg)

Size Large - Suitable for 155lbs (70kg) - 240lbs (110kg)

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Loved by Over 74,750+ Cyclists

Comfortable rides with zero drugs and Medication

Do you hear your knee "clicking" or feel pain after riding for a short distance?

You're not sure if it's arthritis or an injury, but either way knee pain is killing your riding fun?

Looking for the solution?

Winx Wheels has it!

Regain your pain-free rides with Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves

  • Relieves pain- thanks to ergonomic compression design

  • Better fit with Adjustable straps

  • Enhanced support with Reinforced stitching

  • Injury prevention with unique blended fabric

  • Soft & durable - doesn't restrict movement

  • Accelerated heating with medical graded compression

A Small Change With Life-Altering Results

Knee pain - the no. 1 problem for cyclists…

It's a curse limiting your freedom to ride better and stopping you from experiencing more comfortable rides…

The stabbing and the deep pain you feel is stopping you from enjoying rides and improving your fitness. You can only dream of zooming around like your peers, riding without a worry in the world. And the worst part is after the ride? You feel 10 years older, and you can barely move..

But all of this can change…

You can regain your knee mobility…

…Ready to dominate rides & improve your fitness…

And the best part - you will get back the enthusiasm and actually enjoy rides again.

And this is possible by using the most effective knee sleevs for cyclists - the Winx Ultra Knee Relief Sleevs.

No knee pain, and all the fun again!

What's so Special About the Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves?

It's the construction of the Winx Cycling Knee Sleeves that makes it different from all the other solutions in the market…

It's constructed with a unique blend of 68% nylon and 32% spandex…

This perfect blend ensures the soft compression needed to reduce the pain.

The Ultra knee sleeves also offer improved flexibility necessary for unrestricted blood circulation, and freedom of movement required for bike rides..

Once wearing the Ultra sleeves you will feel the relief of unrestrained knee movement, which has been holding you back. 

No more over-use injuries. You can say goodbye to knee injuries. 

Your knee joints can enjoy warmth thanks to the special compression design. Comfort level is also enhanced thanks to the ergonomic design of the straps. 

Pin the Pain Down

Most riders who suffer from knee pain often require different levels of support depending on the severity of the injury. 

The Winx Knee Sleeves solves this problem… with adjustable straps.

You can adjust the pressure, and add extra support exactly at the point where you feel the most pain.

The enhanced and strategically placed compression helps to eliminate pain and allows you to ride freely.

So, simply set the position of the straps where you need them most…

Enjoy comfortable rides like never before.

The Perfect knee Solution you Need for Pain-Free Rides

  • Relieves Pain: Offers perfect compression that keeps the joint moving with zero pain

  • Injury prevention: Features double-reinforced stitching to act as a protective barrier and reduce the chance of injuries

  • Improved Healing: With the ability to regulate blood circulation to the knee joint, your knee will heal better and quicker.

  • Ergonomic Design: Made by expert cyclists and physiotherapists - One size fits Most

  • Perfect Fit: Comes with straps for your knees that cross over for zero flip-up or slide down your leg.
  • Breathable: Made from a blend of nylon and spandex for improved breathability.

  • Lightweight: easily fits under your regular outfit so that you can wear it 24/7.

Better and Longer Riders are now Possible.

One touch of the Cycling - Ultra Knee Sleeves reveals the softness and quality of the material…

It's so lightweight and innovatively designed that you don't sweat…

And your joint experiences the relaxation and warmth required to heal…

With the Winx Knee Sleeves, you can turn back the clock, ride without knee pain, and finally enjoy long rides..

The cycling knee sleeves are so lightweight that you can wear them 24/7 and feel nothing…

Elevate the comfort of your rides, enjoy the relief and freedom of a cycling expert!

I almost forgot I'm wearing it!

Since day one, the Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves have changed the lives of thousands of cyclists worldwide…

They are so easy to use, lightweight, and the compression and breathability make them a perfect solution for riders who are thinking of giving up on their passion.

Here is the experience of Alex after using the Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves

"For the last two years, I've had a problem with one of my knees. After trying various supports, I found this one. And this is the best by far. It supports the knee well and stays in place. This one has two long straps. They cross over and wind around, keeping it from slipping down. I almost forgot I'm wearing it. It's so light and comfortable. I'm very pleased with it."

- Alex S.




Each Purchase is backed by our, “Love It or Money Back Guarantee” guarantee.

I know what you’re probably thinking – “this seems great, but will it actually work as promised? Or is this another gimmick?”.

We get it. You’ve probably been burnt by other products promising the world and failing to deliver.

And here’s why we’re different. Once you receive the product, you have 90 days to use it. If for some reason you don’t love it

Simply email our support team, and we will refund your purchase amount in full.

That’s how confident we are that our products works.


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Not sure about size? Check out our sizing chart.

To ensure you get the right fit, we recommend you check out our size chart. Please note that below measurements 
(thigh) is the thigh circumference in cm.

Size Small - Suitable for 120lbs (55kg) - 165lbs (75kg)

Size Large - Suitable for 155lbs (70kg) - 240lbs (110kg)


Limited Offer

Order Today & Receive:

  • FREE Cycling Program: (normally $29.99)

    • Become a better cyclits in 16 weeks

    • How to Train for a Race or Improve Fitness

    • Tips to Reduce Saddle Pain and Eliminate Chafe

    • Cycling Warm Up, Mobility, and Strength Program

Can THEY be worn on both knees?

Yes, Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves can be used on both your left and right knees..

Can I use it under my clothes?

Yes! The Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves are designed to be low-profile and can be comfortably worn under any clothing.

Is it suitable for all ages?

Yes! The Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves are designed for all ages. Whether your main goal is more stability, knee protection or increased performance in biking - The Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves will help you to move with confidence and pain-free!

how do i wash Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves?

We recommend that you wash it on a machine or hand wash cold. Use mild detergent and tumble dry low. Do not bleach, do not use iron and do not use softeners.

How do I wear my Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves?

1. Put on the Winx Cycling - Ultra Knee Relief Sleeves.
2. Cross both straps on the front of your knee.
3. Follow through with one of the straps towards the back and secure it on the front of the sleeve.
4. Repeat the same step for the remaining strap.
5. Bring the straps towards the front, and stick both straps onto each other.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Karina N.

I felt immediate relief to my osteoarthritic knee as soon as I secured straps on the sleeve. I'd been looking for something flexible and comfortable enough to wear when I'm riding my bike. FINALLY found the one! This is it! Wish I had ordered two...one for each knee!

Liam Johnson
Reasonably priced and shipped quickly

Reasonably priced. Quick shipping too. Seems to help my knees (bone on bone) feel more stable when I ride my bike.

Sophia G.
Very comfortable

I had doubts about this brace because i had a different one before and it did nothing to help me but this one really does it for me. You wont regret buying it if you have knee problems and need a good brace. Can do extra mile now on my bike with ease.

Linda Marcus
5 Stars

Gets a thumbs up from me... Unlike other knees pads this pad is very comfortable when I go to mountain with my bike. I like the way it can be adjusted in so many ways... very cheap too.

Joseph Y.
So cheap and so worth it!

This one has been the best! The placement of the adjustable straps gives so much relief for my knee. I just ordered a second one for my right knee. You won't be disappointed with this.