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Top Shops for Bicycle Clothing Near Me

Top Shops for Bicycle Clothing Near Me

Exploring the best shops for bicycle clothing can enhance your cycling experience by providing you with comfort, style, and protection. This article will guide you through the top categories of cycling apparel, helping you make informed decisions about where to shop for each type of clothing item.

Key Takeaways

  • Variety of cycling clothing is available from specialized gloves to full triathlon gear.
  • Pricing can vary significantly, so it's important to shop around for the best deals.
  • Quality brands like Fox Racing, Troy Lee Designs, and Castelli offer durable and stylish options.
  • Different types of clothing are suited for different cycling activities, from casual riding to competitive races.
  • Always consider the material and fit to ensure maximum comfort and performance during rides.

1. Cycling Gloves

cyclist wearing gloves in a bicycle shop

Cycling gloves are an essential accessory for any cyclist, providing comfort, protection, and enhanced grip during rides. The design of cycling gloves typically includes features such as gel pads and foam padding strategically placed to reduce vibration and prevent hand fatigue. For instance, the Trek Circuit Twin Gel Cycling Glove incorporates dual-density gel pads optimized for palm support, which not only offers instant comfort but also aids in vibration control. Similarly, the Body Geometry Sport gloves focus on comfort with gel pads and additional foam padding in key contact areas.

Availability and Options

  • In Stock: 315 pairs
  • Variety Available: 139 different models


  • Padding: Gel and foam for comfort and vibration damping
  • Adjustability: Velcro wrist closures for a secure fit
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with conductive touchscreens
  • Visibility: Reflective elements for low-light conditions
Cycling gloves not only enhance the riding experience by providing necessary palm support and vibration damping but also contribute to safety with reflective elements for increased visibility.

2. Cycling Outerwear

cyclists wearing outerwear shopping in bicycle clothing store

Cycling outerwear is essential for riders who face varying weather conditions. The primary function of cycling jackets and other outerwear is to provide protection from the elements, be it wind, rain, or cold. The selection of cycling outerwear varies widely, with options designed for different climates and riding conditions.

Key Features of Cycling Outerwear

  • Waterproofing: Essential for rainy conditions to keep the rider dry.
  • Breathability: Prevents overheating by allowing moisture to escape.
  • Insulation: For colder weather, ensuring the rider stays warm.
  • Lightweight: Important for not hindering the rider's mobility or comfort.

Popular Brands and Models

  • Fox Racing Terum Insulated Gore-Tex Jacket: Known for its high-performance and durability.
  • Other notable brands include Patagonia and North Face, which offer jackets that are both functional and stylish.

Considerations When Choosing Cycling Outerwear

  • Fit: It should be snug to avoid flapping in the wind but not too tight as to restrict movement.
  • Visibility: High visibility colors or reflective elements are crucial for safety during low-light conditions.
  • Price: Cycling outerwear can range from affordable to high-end, depending on the features and brand.
Cycling outerwear not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances the overall riding experience by ensuring comfort and protection in all weather conditions.

3. Cycling Shorts and Tights

Cycling shorts and tights are essential for both casual riders and professional cyclists, providing comfort and support during rides. The variety available caters to different preferences and needs, ranging from padded shorts for extra cushioning to compression tights that enhance performance by improving blood circulation.

Available Types and Styles

  • Women's Bike Shorts: 65 options
  • Men's Bike Shorts: 39 options
  • Kids' Bike Shorts: 1 option
  • Cycling Tights and Pants: 56 options
    • Cycling Pants: 32 options
    • Cycling Tights: 24 options

Importance of Proper Fit

Proper fit is crucial in cycling apparel to prevent chafing and ensure maximum comfort. It's advisable to try on several styles to find the best fit for your body type and cycling needs.

When selecting cycling shorts or tights, consider the type of cycling you'll be doing and the weather conditions. Features like breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities are vital for long rides.

4. Short Sleeve Cycling Tops

cyclists wearing short sleeve tops in bicycle shop

Short sleeve cycling tops are a staple for any cyclist, balancing comfort with functionality. These tops are designed to offer breathability and flexibility during rides, making them ideal for both casual and competitive cyclists.

Availability and Variety

Currently, there are 98 short sleeve cycling tops available in stock. These tops come in various designs, including the popular 3/4 sleeve jerseys which provide ample ventilation and are equipped with features like zippered back pockets and optic wipes.

Features and Specifications

  • Breathability and Quick-Drying: Essential for maintaining comfort during long rides.
  • Fitted Cut: Enhances performance by reducing drag.
  • UV Protection: Many tops offer UPF 50+ protection, safeguarding against harmful UV rays.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Look for bluesign certified products which ensure environmental friendliness.
Short sleeve cycling tops are not just about performance but also about rider comfort and protection from the elements.

5. Long Sleeve Cycling Tops

Long sleeve cycling tops are essential for riders seeking comfort and protection in cooler conditions. These tops are designed to offer a balance between warmth and breathability, ensuring that cyclists can maintain optimal performance regardless of the weather. The availability of long sleeve tops varies, with 62 options currently in stock, highlighting their popularity and necessity among cycling enthusiasts.

Features and Benefits

  • UV protection: Many long sleeve cycling tops come with UV protection to shield riders from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Moisture-wicking materials: These tops are typically made from fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin, keeping the rider dry and comfortable.
  • Back pockets: Useful for storing essentials, many tops feature back pockets, some with additional security like zippered compartments.

Popular Brands and Models

Several brands stand out in the market for their quality and innovation in long sleeve cycling tops:

  • Circuit Jersey: Known for its fitted cut and silicone gripper at the edge sleeve, this jersey ensures a stay-put fit while providing essential ventilation and UV protection.
  • Troy Lee Designs Skyline: This model features a 3/4 sleeve for versatile riding conditions and includes a zippered back pocket with an optic wipe, making it ideal for both competitive and casual riders.
Long sleeve cycling tops are not just about keeping warm; they are crafted to enhance the cycling experience by combining functionality with comfort and style.

6. Casual Cycling Tops

cyclists wearing casual tops in bicycle shop

Casual cycling tops are designed for both comfort and functionality, blending the lines between everyday wear and sport-specific gear. These tops are typically made from breathable, lightweight materials that offer flexibility and ease during casual rides or daily activities. Unlike more technical cycling jerseys, casual tops may not have features like back pockets or tight elastic hems, but they still provide adequate comfort and style for less intense biking sessions.

Availability and Variety

In terms of availability, there are 48 different types of casual cycling tops currently in stock. This variety ensures that cyclists can find tops that not only suit their functional needs but also match their personal style preferences.

  • Breathable materials: Ensures comfort during casual rides
  • Lightweight design: Offers ease of movement
  • Stylish options: Suitable for both cycling and everyday use
Casual cycling tops are an excellent choice for those who seek a balance between comfort and style while engaging in light cycling activities or daily errands.

7. Casual Cycling Bottoms

cyclists in casual clothing shopping in a bicycle store

Casual cycling bottoms are designed for comfort and ease, making them ideal for leisure rides or everyday wear. Unlike their performance-oriented counterparts, these garments prioritize flexibility and style. They are available in various styles, including cargo shorts, loose-fit pants, and capris, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs.

Availability and Options

In terms of availability, casual cycling bottoms are relatively scarce compared to other cycling apparel, with only 8 specific listings found. This scarcity underscores the niche market for these products, emphasizing their specialized nature.

Key Features

Casual cycling bottoms often feature lightweight materials, adjustable waistbands, and moisture-wicking capabilities to ensure comfort during non-competitive cycling. Some models also include pockets for practicality, enhancing their utility for casual cyclists.

Note: When selecting casual cycling bottoms, consider the type of riding you'll be doing and the weather conditions, as these factors will influence the appropriate style and material.

8. Cycling Socks

cyclists wearing cycling socks in a bicycle shop

Cycling socks are an essential piece of gear for any cyclist, providing comfort, support, and moisture management to enhance performance and prevent chafing. These socks are designed with specific features to meet the needs of cyclists, including compression, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties.

Key Features of Cycling Socks

  • Compression: Helps in reducing fatigue and increasing blood flow.
  • Moisture-wicking: Essential for keeping the feet dry and comfortable.
  • Breathability: Ensures that the feet remain cool during intense rides.
  • Arch support: Provides added support and stability.

Popular Cycling Socks Brands and Prices

  • Swiftwick Aspire Four Socks: $18.99
  • ZOIC Long Cycling Sock: $19.99
  • Swiftwick Aspire Seven Socks: $19.99
  • Race Reflective Crew Cycling Sock: Price not listed
  • Race Crew Cycling Sock: Price not listed
Prevent Cycling Chafe Cycling socks play a crucial role in preventing chafing by providing a smooth surface that reduces friction.

9. Cycling Base Layers

cyclist wearing base layers in a bicycle shop

Cycling base layers are essential for maintaining comfort and performance in various weather conditions. These garments are designed to be worn directly against the skin, helping to regulate body temperature and manage moisture. The primary function of cycling base layers is to wick sweat away from the skin to keep the rider dry and comfortable, preventing the adverse effects of chilling or overheating.

Key Features of Cycling Base Layers

  • Moisture-wicking: Essential for removing sweat from the skin to keep the rider dry.
  • Thermal regulation: Helps maintain a consistent body temperature in both cold and warm conditions.
  • Breathable: Allows air to circulate, which prevents overheating and maintains comfort.
  • Flexible fit: Typically made with stretchable fabrics to ensure a snug fit that moves with the body during cycling.

Popular Materials

  • Polyester: Widely used due to its strong moisture-wicking properties.
  • Merino Wool: Known for its natural thermal-regulating and odor-resistant properties.
  • Spandex: Often blended with other materials to add stretch and enhance fit.

Considerations When Choosing Cycling Base Layers

  • Weather Conditions: Choose a heavier, thermal-lined option for cold conditions and a lightweight, breathable version for warmer weather.
  • Type of Cycling: Road cyclists might prefer different base layer features compared to mountain bikers or casual riders.
  • Personal Comfort: Consider any personal preferences for material types or specific fits.
When selecting a cycling base layer, it's crucial to consider the specific needs dictated by your cycling environment and personal comfort preferences. This tailored approach ensures optimal performance and enjoyment during rides.

10. Triathlon Clothing

cyclist wearing triathlon clothing in a bicycle shop

Triathlon clothing is designed to support athletes during all three phases of a triathlon: swimming, cycling, and running. This specialized apparel is engineered to be quick-drying, comfortable, and aerodynamic, providing minimal resistance during each stage of the competition.

Key Features of Triathlon Clothing:

  • Quick-drying materials: Essential for transitioning between swimming and cycling.
  • Comfort and fit: Snug yet flexible to accommodate all movements.
  • Aerodynamic design: Reduces drag to enhance performance.
Triathlon clothing is not just about functionality; it's also about optimizing performance across multiple sports disciplines.

The availability of triathlon clothing varies, with some stores offering a more extensive range than others. It's advisable to check specific local stores for the best selection and fitting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cycling clothing are available?

We offer a wide range of cycling clothing including gloves, outerwear, shorts, tights, various tops, socks, base layers, and triathlon clothing.

Where can I find cycling gloves?

Cycling gloves can be found in the bicycle clothing section of our catalog, available in various styles and sizes.

Do you have cycling outerwear for different weather conditions?

Yes, we carry a variety of cycling outerwear suitable for different weather conditions, including insulated jackets and lightweight windbreakers.

What should I look for in cycling shorts and tights?

Look for comfort, fit, and appropriate padding in cycling shorts and tights to ensure a smooth ride.

Are there specific tops for different cycling activities?

Yes, we offer short sleeve and long sleeve tops for casual and performance cycling, catering to different weather conditions and personal preferences.

What types of cycling socks are available?

We provide cycling socks in various lengths and materials to match your comfort and riding needs.

What is the importance of cycling base layers?

Base layers help in moisture management and temperature regulation during cycling, making them essential for both warm and cold conditions.

Can I find specialized clothing for triathlons?

Yes, our selection includes triathlon-specific clothing designed for optimal performance in swimming, cycling, and running events.

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