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Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in Idaho: Scenic Routes to Explore

Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in Idaho: Scenic Routes to Explore

Idaho offers a treasure trove of scenic routes that are perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to explore the rugged beauty of the Gem State. From the winding paths of the Idaho Centennial Trail to the backcountry adventures on the Idaho Peak Divide Ridge Route, each ride presents a unique journey through Idaho's diverse landscapes. Whether you're seeking high mountain passes, serene lakeside trails, or the thrill of a gravel grind, Idaho's top 10 motorcycle rides are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Idaho Centennial Trail offers a mix of challenging terrains and breathtaking views, making it a must-ride for experienced motorcyclists.
  • Exploring the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route provides an immersive experience into Idaho's wilderness, suitable for adventure riders.
  • The Idaho Peak Divide Ridge Route is a high-elevation trail that rewards riders with panoramic views of Idaho's main mountain ranges.
  • The Central Sawtooth Loop is a captivating 43-mile journey that encompasses the beauty of the Central Sawtooth range, including several pristine lakes.
  • Riders looking for a diverse experience should not miss the Idaho Springs Trails, which offer a combination of downhill thrills and scenic vistas.

1. Idaho Centennial Trail

1. Idaho Centennial Trail

The Idaho Centennial Trail (ICT) is a remarkable journey through some of Idaho's most treasured landscapes. This extensive trail offers adventurers a unique opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of Idaho's wilderness.

Spanning approximately 900 miles, the ICT traverses a diverse array of ecosystems, from arid canyonlands to alpine peaks. It is a testament to the state's commitment to preserving its natural heritage and providing outdoor enthusiasts with a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Note: Trail conditions and routes may vary, and it is essential to consult updated maps and resources before embarking on the ICT.

The Idaho Centennial Trail is not just a path but a gateway to Idaho's wild heart, inviting riders to immerse themselves in the serene and untamed spirit of the West.

For those seeking to undertake this epic journey, preparation is key. Adequate planning, familiarity with the terrain, and respect for the environment will ensure a memorable and safe adventure on the ICT.

2. Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

2. Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

The Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route (IDBDR) is a celebrated off-road track that offers motorcyclists an immersive experience through Idaho's diverse landscapes. This route is designed for the adventurous spirit seeking to explore the state's rugged terrain, encompassing forests, mountains, and river valleys.

Motorcyclists embarking on the IDBDR should be prepared for a variety of conditions. The journey requires careful planning and a reliable motorcycle capable of handling off-road challenges. Below is a list of essentials for riders considering the IDBDR:

  • A well-maintained dual-sport or adventure motorcycle
  • Navigation tools such as GPS and detailed maps
  • Spare parts and a basic tool kit for on-the-go repairs
  • Camping gear for overnight stays in remote areas
The Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route is not just a path, but a passage through the heart of Idaho's wilderness, offering a connection to the land that is both profound and exhilarating.

Riders are encouraged to respect the environment and practice Leave No Trace principles to preserve the natural beauty of the route for future adventurers. The IDBDR is more than a motorcycle ride; it is a journey that captures the essence of exploration and the freedom of the open road.

3. Idaho Peak Divide Ridge Route

3. Idaho Peak Divide Ridge Route

The Idaho Peak Divide Ridge Route offers a unique blend of challenge and beauty for motorcycle enthusiasts. Traversing the Lost River, Lemhi, and Beaverhead Ranges, this route is a testament to Idaho's rugged terrain and breathtaking landscapes.

Motorcyclists can expect a 150-mile journey that demands skill and endurance. The route's physical features are characterized by the main mountain ranges and their subranges, presenting riders with an array of elevations and conditions to navigate.

The Idaho Peak Divide Ridge Route is not just a ride; it's an adventure that encapsulates the spirit of Idaho's wilderness.

For those planning to embark on this ride, it is essential to prepare for varying weather and road conditions. Safety should always be a priority, and riders are encouraged to be equipped with the necessary gear and knowledge of the route.

While the route does not directly relate to the Tennessee Motorcycles & Music Revival, the emphasis on safety, sustainability, and cultural experiences resonates with the spirit of motorcycle exploration and appreciation of scenic routes.

4. Idaho Boundary Trail

4. Idaho Boundary Trail

The Idaho Boundary Trail offers a unique opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the rugged beauty of Idaho's wilderness. This trail is not just a path, but a journey through some of the most remote and scenic areas in the state.

The trail challenges riders with its varying terrain and elevation changes, making it an adventure for those seeking to test their skills and endurance.

Motorcycle riders should be well-prepared before embarking on this trail. It is essential to consult resources for current trail conditions, plan for fuel stops, and consider the type of gear required for the trip. A website offers motorcycle pants, shorts, accessories, and bundles that can be invaluable for a comfortable and safe ride.

For those who prefer solitude, the Idaho Boundary Trail can be a perfect choice. Tips for solo motorcycle trips include being self-sufficient, aware of one's limits, and having a clear plan in place. The trail's length and isolation mean that riders must be prepared for any situation that may arise.

5. Idaho Sawtooths

5. Idaho Sawtooths

The Idaho Sawtooths offer a breathtaking motorcycle journey through the rugged landscape of the Sawtooth National Forest. This area is renowned for its stunning alpine scenery, crystal-clear lakes, and challenging mountain passes that provide an exhilarating ride for motorcyclists seeking adventure.

Routes such as the Sawtooth Lake Loop, which spans approximately 54 miles, can be completed over several days, allowing riders to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region. The loop is versatile, with options for shorter trips or side excursions to explore the wilderness further.

The Sawtooths are not just a destination; they are an experience that combines the thrill of the ride with the serenity of the mountains.

Motorcyclists should be prepared for varying conditions and ensure their bikes are well-equipped for the terrain. The Sawtooths provide an unforgettable ride that encapsulates the spirit of Idaho's great outdoors.

6. Central Sawtooth Loop

6. Central Sawtooth Loop

The Central Sawtooth Loop offers a breathtaking journey through the heart of Idaho's iconic Sawtooth Range. This route is a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts for its challenging terrain and stunning vistas. Riders are treated to a diverse array of landscapes, from dense forests to alpine meadows, and the opportunity to witness the rugged beauty of the Sawtooth Wilderness.

Motorcyclists should be prepared for the varying conditions of the Central Sawtooth Loop. The following list outlines essential considerations for a safe and enjoyable ride:

  • Weather Preparedness: Be aware of the weather forecast and prepare for sudden changes.
  • Route Familiarity: Study the route beforehand to anticipate technical sections.
  • Proper Gear: Equip yourself with gear suitable for both warm and cold conditions.
  • Maintenance Check: Ensure your motorcycle is in top condition before embarking.
The Central Sawtooth Loop is not just a ride; it's an adventure that tests the rider's skill and resilience while offering an unparalleled connection with nature.

For those seeking a truly immersive experience, the Central Sawtooth Loop is a must-ride. The sense of accomplishment upon completing this route is matched only by the memories of the journey's striking panoramas and the camaraderie shared with fellow riders.

7. Idaho Ranges Bikepacking

7. Idaho Ranges Bikepacking

The Idaho Ranges Bikepacking route presents an extraordinary adventure for the intrepid cyclist. Spanning approximately 150 miles, this journey traverses the rugged terrain of the Lost River, Lemhi, and Beaverhead Ranges. The route is characterized by its remote nature, offering a true escape into the wilderness.

The Idaho Ranges Bikepacking route is a testament to the raw beauty and challenging landscapes that Idaho has to offer. It is a journey that tests the limits of endurance and rewards with unparalleled scenic vistas.

Cyclists embarking on this bikepacking trip should be well-prepared for the demands of the trail. Below is a checklist to ensure readiness for the adventure:

  • Adequate water and food supplies
  • Repair kit and spare parts for the bicycle
  • Navigation tools such as maps and GPS
  • Camping gear for overnight stays
  • Knowledge of the local wildlife and safety precautions

This route is not just a physical challenge; it is an opportunity to connect with nature and experience the solitude of Idaho's mountain ranges. The sense of accomplishment upon completing this bikepacking trip is immense, as is the connection forged with the land.

8. Idaho City Ride

8. Idaho City Ride

The Idaho City Ride offers a unique blend of historical intrigue and outdoor adventure. Nestled in the Boise Basin, Idaho City was once a bustling center during the gold rush era, and now serves as a gateway to an array of trails that cater to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Motorcyclists can expect a variety of terrain, from paved roads that meander through the city's historic district to rugged trails that ascend into the surrounding mountains. The ride is particularly renowned for its access to hot springs and panoramic views of the Idaho landscape.

The Idaho City Ride is not just a journey through nature, but a ride through time, as the path winds past remnants of the city's rich mining history.

For those planning to embark on this ride, it is advisable to check local conditions and trail closures, as weather can significantly impact the accessibility of certain routes. Additionally, riders should be prepared for changes in elevation and the potential for wildlife encounters.

9. Idaho Falls Gravel Grind

9. Idaho Falls Gravel Grind

The Idaho Falls Gravel Grind presents a unique challenge for motorcycle enthusiasts who appreciate the rugged beauty of Idaho's landscape. This route is characterized by its diverse terrain, offering riders a mix of fire roads, single tracks, and double tracks that wind through the scenic vistas of the region.

Riders embarking on this adventure should be prepared for the varying conditions that gravel routes present. Below is a list of considerations to keep in mind before tackling the Idaho Falls Gravel Grind:

  • Preparation: Ensure your motorcycle is equipped for gravel riding, with appropriate tires and suspension.
  • Navigation: Familiarize yourself with the route beforehand, as some sections may be remote and challenging to navigate.
  • Safety: Carry essential safety gear, including a first aid kit, and inform someone of your travel plans.
  • Weather: Be mindful of weather conditions, as they can change rapidly and affect the terrain.
The Idaho Falls Gravel Grind is not just a test of skill but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the tranquility of Idaho's natural beauty. It's a ride that combines the thrill of exploration with the serenity of the great outdoors.

For those interested in the economic and communal aspects of motorcycle culture, the Moto Beach Classic is an event that showcases the synergy between music, motorcycles, and the spirit of community, all set against the backdrop of ocean views.

10. Idaho Springs Trails

10. Idaho Springs Trails

The Idaho Springs Trails offer a unique blend of natural beauty and challenging terrain, making it a must-visit destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. The trails wind through the picturesque landscapes of Idaho, providing riders with an opportunity to experience the state's diverse topography and breathtaking vistas.

  • Trail Difficulty: Ranges from beginner to advanced
  • Scenic Highlights: Alpine forests, hot springs, and mountain vistas
  • Best Time to Ride: Late spring to early fall

Motorcyclists seeking an immersive experience in Idaho's wilderness will find the Idaho Springs Trails to be an exceptional choice. The routes cater to a variety of skill levels, ensuring that every rider, from novice to expert, can find a path that suits their abilities. The trails are particularly renowned for their proximity to Idaho's famous hot springs, where riders can take a soothing break amidst their journey.

The Idaho Springs Trails encapsulate the essence of Idaho's rugged beauty, offering a ride that is as thrilling as it is picturesque.

For those planning to embark on this adventure, it is advisable to check trail conditions and weather forecasts in advance, as the mountainous terrain can present unexpected challenges. Additionally, riders should ensure they are well-equipped for the journey, with adequate supplies and safety gear to navigate the trails safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best times of year to ride these scenic routes in Idaho?

The ideal times to ride these routes are during the late spring to early fall months when the weather is milder and the roads are clear of snow.

Do I need any special permits to ride these trails?

Some trails may require access permits, especially if they pass through national parks or protected areas. It's best to check the specific regulations for each route beforehand.

Are these motorcycle routes suitable for beginners?

While some routes may be suitable for beginners, others can be quite challenging due to terrain and length. Riders should assess their skill levels and prepare accordingly.

Can I camp along these motorcycle routes?

Yes, many of these routes have camping spots nearby, but make sure to follow Leave No Trace principles and check if you need to reserve a spot in advance.

Are there any guided tours available for these Idaho motorcycle rides?

Guided tours may be available for some routes. It is recommended to check with local motorcycle tour companies for availability and details.

What should I pack for a motorcycle road trip in Idaho?

Pack essentials such as a repair kit, first aid kit, weather-appropriate clothing, water, snacks, and a map or GPS device. Always prepare for changing weather conditions.

Are these routes accessible all year round?

Many of these routes are not accessible during the winter months due to snow and ice. Always check current conditions and road closures before planning your trip.

What are some safety tips for riding in Idaho's backcountry?

Always wear appropriate safety gear, inform someone of your route and expected return time, carry a communication device, and be aware of wildlife and changing weather conditions.

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